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Section 10. Modifying Policies to Enhance the Quality of Services

What do we mean by modifying policies to enhance the quality of services?

___You ensure that the people offering the services are competent through licensure and certification or other measures.

___You ensure that the facilities offering services, or where services are provided, meet basic physical and practice standards through licensure and certification or other measures.

___You confirm that individuals, programs, and facilities follow the ethical rules of their professions, or, if none exist, they employ high ethical standards in their work and in their relationships with other organizations, funders, and the community.

___You require that programs are aware of and use the best appropriate practices available in delivering services.

___You ensure that services are available and accessible to those who need them.

___You demand that individuals and programs set or follow and apply appropriate quality standards that both benefit and safeguard those who are affected by the services provided.

___You allow for the evaluation and modification of services, when necessary, to meet the changing needs of the community

Why modify policies to enhance the quality of services?

You work to modify policy because:

___It assures, to the extent possible, a minimum level of quality.

___It shows seriousness of purpose, and establishes the issue as one that should be treated seriously.

___It demonstrates respect for the target population.

___It gives the community confidence that the issue is being handled appropriately.

___It lends credibility to both the effort and to the organization(s) providing services.

___It can increase the chances that an intervention or service will be effective.

___It addresses the foundation on which quality standards are usually based.

You are careful in modifying policy because:

___It assures only a minimum level of quality.

___It may filter out imaginative solutions and people with valuable talents and skills.

___An emphasis on professionalism may alienate the target population or the community.

___Bureaucratic requirements may present barriers to talented individuals and organizations.

___Changing policy may not address the problem.

Who should work to modify policies to enhance the quality of services?

___Where possible, you form and/or participate in a broad-based coalition to modify policies.

If a coalition isn't feasible, you work through:

___An advocacy organization.

___Community based organizations that work with the target population and the issue.

___A local initiative including members of the target population.

___A local branch of a professional association.

When should you try to modify policies to enhance the quality of services?

You try to modify policies:

___Before services begin, to ensure best practices and best quality.

___At the beginning of a new service period or funding cycle.

___When services prove unsatisfactory.

___When regular assessment and reporting shows little or no progress on a particular issue.

___When new possibilities or information become available.

___When public opinion demands it.