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You understand the purpose and benefits of a Time Dollars program:

___To empower people with a sense of self worth. Time Dollars help people understand that whatever circumstances they are in, they can still give, and not just receive

___To strengthen the communities in which we live

___To make sure that all of the members of our communities, including those who are very proud, receive the help that they need

You understand the requirements for implementing a Time Dollars program:

___You have a committed group of people that is ready to work and serve each other

___You have developed a core group of people who will be working on the program

___You have gathered the resources you program will need

  • A coordinator or director (preferably full-time, either paid or unpaid)
  • Office space
  • Clerical help (to answer phones, keep track of hours worked, and so on)
  • A phone, desk, and office supplies
  • Copying equipment (for brochures, fliers, forms, notices)
  • Volunteer insurance or workmen's compensation (usually necessary for existing organizations)
  • A computer (optional, depending on the size of the program)
  • A place to meet, train, and socialize

___You have decided how much money to spend on the program, considering the following:

  • If your staff is paid or volunteer
  • If the paid staff is full- or part-time
  • If you are required to pay volunteer insurance
  • If you need to rent office or meeting space

___You have developed the tracking materials you need to follow volunteers and their efforts, with these capabilities:

  • It can produce personalized bank statements for each member
  • It can supply the information to ensure that no volunteer goes too long without a new assignment
  • It can help you to monitor performance systematically and follow-up on assignments
  • It can also become a tool in planning new initiatives that can help strengthen your community and target resources to meet special needs

___You have checked the legal requirement of your work:

  • Liability
  • Taxation

___You have developed a way to evaluate your work

___You have recruited members and started your program

___You celebrate your successes

___You evaluate your work to keep improving it