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You understand what a mentoring program is:

___You understand that mentor or partnership programs connect people who have specific skills and knowledge (mentors) with individuals (protégés) who need or want the same skills and advantages to move up in work, skill level, or school performance

___You understand that there are many advantages to setting up a mentor or partnership program

You have decided that beginning a mentoring program is the appropriate strategy for your group or organization:

___You have determined the advantages of a mentor program over another strategy to get people involved with the community, young people and their futures

___You have decided that a mentoring program is an appropriate strategy for the population you want to reach

___You know what young people, employees, or community members gain from the mentoring relationship

You understand the different relationships that can develop in mentoring program:

___Adolescent-adolescent mentor programs

___Adolescent-adult mentoring programs

___Adult-adult mentor programs

___You know what information is available in other sections of this chapter