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Why do you want to be a community leader?

___To make a difference

___To grow

___To fill a large need for community leaders

How can you best learn to lead?

___By jumping right in and practicing

___By observing others

___By finding a mentor

___Through a class or workshop

___By reading books about leaders and leadership

How can you best lead?

___Dream big to create your personal vision

___Listen to people

___Decide that I am the person to take responsibility for my community

___Set goals

___Think about the individuals in the group

___Think about the group as a whole

___Propose programs and policies

___Get the work done

___Recruit and teach others to become leaders

What are some important characteristics of community leadership?




___Ability to care about others

___Creativity and flexibility

___It's important for leaders to give and get support from one another

___Be sure to take care of your own well being, too