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___Dream big in creating a vision

___Trust your hunches

___Think without limits

___Develop a vision for your community, group, or organization

___You have brainstormed many ideas without censoring them

___You have looked at many different aspects of your neighborhood or community

___You decided this is your view of the way things should be

___Your vision is a powerful and compelling statement

___It's at the heart of what you care about the most

___It's stated in a few phrases or sentences

___You have talked to many different people about your vision

___Other people are excited about the same things as you

___You used other people's ideas to strengthen your vision

___You have told people the specifics of your vision

___You have told people what steps need to take place to achieve your vision

___You have developed a plan for achieving your vision

___You have said what you think even if it unpopular

___You have prepared yourself for attacks

___You modify your vision as circumstances change

___You are ready to act to make your vision a reality