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Start with yourself:

___Write a day journal

___Write a dream journal

___Get someone to listen to you

___Set aside a regular time in the day to focus on creating new possibilities

___Carry a notebook or recorder to most places you go

___Sketch or doodle

___Jog, walk, or try any other form of exercise

___Take a break

___Take time to rest

Other steps in discovering and creating possibilities:

___Gather information about your community

___Listen to people

___Build relationships with people in your community

___Think about the future

___Research resources inside your community

___Research resources outside your community

___Test old assumptions

___Challenge feelings of hopelessness

___Be courageous in your thinking

Use a group to discover and create possibilities through:

___A group discussion

___A brainstorming session

___An idea-writing session

___A support group

___Bringing different people together

When choosing among all the possibilities, consider:

___Which possibilities will bring about the most desired results

___Which possibilities are most likely to succeed

___Which possibilities are you and your group most interested in or passionate about

___Which possibilities have the greatest organizational commitment

___Which possibilities have the greatest potential of spin-off benefits

___If you have the resources to carry out a possibility

___Are the external factors favorable, outside of your own organization

___Which possibilities will you learn the most from