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___You have identified the number and types of leaders needed for your team.

___You have identified desired skills.

___The leadership team reflects the community in which your organization serves or works.

___The leadership team knows how to support each other and you.

___The leaders are committed to the goals of your organization.

___You have identified the strengths of your group.

___You have identified the difficulties of your group.

___You have identified the areas for your group as whole can use leadership training.

___You have identified the added skills that will move your organization ahead most quickly.

___You have identified skills that are not already present in your organization.

___You have identified individuals ready to learn the needed leadership skills.

___You have identified individuals interested in learning the needed leadership skills.

___You have chosen the appropriate leadership development method for each goal.

___You have decided who will be responsible for training.

___You have chosen a date by which each goal will be accomplished.

___You have determined how long will it take to achieve each leadership development goal

___You have made sure that your organization has the resources to achieve these goals.

___You have made sure your timelines are realistic.