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Who are your colleagues?

___Colleagues are those who work toward the same goals as you, whether you have in common the organization you work for, the initiative or coalition you are members of, the community you work in, or your field

Why honor colleagues?

___Because they deserve it

___Because it motivates them and others

___Because it creates role models

___Because it publicizes the work of your organization, initiative, or field

Who should honor colleagues?

___An organization, or a staff member of an organization

___A coalition or initiative

___A board of directors, or as a member of a board

___A professional association

___A practitioner or organization in a particular field

___A community group or institution

When should you honor colleagues?

___On their special personal or professional occasions

___When they've achieved a goal or accomplished something significant

___At regularly-scheduled award ceremonies

___To say thank you for a job well done or for support and mentoring

How do you honor colleagues?

___Personalize the occasion

___Give them something tangible

___Record the occasion

___Think about the guest list carefully

___Consider inviting the media

___You honor colleagues more specifically by doing one or more of the following

  • Making a personal gesture of recognition and gratitude
  • Giving them an award
  • Giving them a gift
  • Throwing them a party
  • Holding a formal public ceremony for them

___You honor colleagues every day