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What is a community champion?

___A community champion is a person who works hard and well to start and/or support an initiative or intervention, to bring a program or idea to reality, or to otherwise improve the quality of life of a particular group or of the community as a whole

Why honor community champions?

___It creates an example for the rest of the community to follow

___It provides an occasion to highlight and explain community issues

___It demonstrates that even one person can be an effective agent for change, and encourages democratic action

___It makes not only that person, but others engaged in community service feel that they and their work are valued and appreciated

___It shows the community who the real heroes are

___It can help to prepare the community for future initiatives

Who should honor community champions?

___Health and human service agencies

___Local coalitions or initiatives

___Local, or local branches of state and national advocacy organizations that focus on the disadvantaged, the environment, health and social issues, or other community concerns

___United Way and other charitable organizations


___Self-constituted citizen oversight or advocacy groups

___Neighborhood associations

When should you honor community champions?

___When a goal is achieved in which the honoree has been deeply involved

___On a regular basis

___On appropriate special occasions related to their work

How do you honor community champions?

___Consider your resources

___Determine your procedures for selecting and notifying honorees

___Involve the media

___Personalize the occasion

___Give the honoree something

___Record the occasion

___Choose an appropriate method:

  • Issue a press release
  • Hold a press conference
  • Announce community champions on your website
  • Voice a public thank-you
  • Write or get published a newspaper article or editorial focusing on the person 's contribution to the community
  • Present a small gift or award at a public event
  • Present a major, unique award or gift, where the presentation is either the reason for the event, or an important element of it
  • Have a party
  • Hold a roast
  • Regularly schedule community champion awards

___Continue to honor community champions forever