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Section 1. Developing a Plan for Increasing Participation in Community Action

___You understand that a plan is a way to organize actions that will hopefully lead to the fulfillment of a goal by providing direction and an approach to follow

You understand why you should develop a plan:

___To make your life easier

___To help you map out how to get from point A to point B

___To make your search for new members more efficient and effective

___You know why you want or need members

___You know how many members you need

___You know what kind of members you need

___You know who is going to find the new members

___You know where to find the new members

___You know when it is a good time to look for new members

___You know how to approach new members

___You know what to do if you get a yes, a maybe, or a no

___You know how to get around common obstacles