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Section 5. Making Personal Contact with Potential Participants

___You understand what it means to make personal contact with potential members

___You understand how to make a good impression

You understand what to do before the meeting:

___You did homework about your target person

___You thought about the meeting ahead of time

You understand what to do at the meeting:

___You know you should thank prospective members for being there

___You know you should start with small talk

___You know how to state the purpose of the meeting

___You know you should state the benefits of your request for your target person

___You know you should pause and listen to what your prospective member has to say

___You know when to start winding up the meeting

___You know you should state the follow-up steps

___You know how to end the meeting

___You know how to conduct door-to-door meetings

___You have done prior survey of your territory

___You planned a strategy

___You know what to do during the door-to-door meetings

___You are aware of the techniques involved with making contact by phone

Bill Berkowitz