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___You understand that a fact sheet is a single sheet of paper listing important facts about the issue.

___You understand the reasons that you might want to make a fact sheet.

___You understand what types of people can be targeted with a fact sheet.

___You have thought about what message you want the facts to convey.

___You have thought about what audience your fact sheet will be aimed at.

___You have found your facts.

___You have verified your facts by making sure they come from reputable sources and are up-to-date.

___You have narrowed down the facts and decided which ones you're going to use.

___You have decided how you want to lay your fact sheet out.

___You have cited your sources.

___You have explained what the facts mean, if necessary.

___You have avoided overdoing percentages, stretching the truth, using unscientific surveys or polls, repetition, or inundating the reader with too many facts.