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___You understand what a staff orientation program is.

___You know why you should have a staff orientation program and what it will accomplish.

Before the staff orientation program:

  1. You know how to conduct a staff orientation program and have:
  2. Decided at whom your orientation is aimed
  3. Clarified what you want to accomplish
  4. Decided on the content of the orientation
  5. Decided whether the orientation will be group or individual
  6. Chosen your format and methods
  7. Decided who will conduct the orientation
  8. Decided the length of the orientation
  9. Evaluated your orientation each time you run it
  10. Created some sort of marker for the end of the orientation or orientation period

In the staff orientation program

___You have addressed the logistical, professional, social and philosophical factors to orient new staff members

___Your orientation program helps new staff members to fit into  the organization and do the best job they can.

___You have included an introduction to the organization's:

  1. History
  2. Mission
  3. Organizational philosophy
  4. Methods or strategies
  5. People
  6. Organizational structure
  7. Logistics and day-to-day routine
  8. Supervision
  9. Policies and procedures
  10. Organizational culture

___You have an introduction to the target population and community if your organization is targeted to a particular group.

___You have introduced staff members to their position by stating:

  1. What the job actually looks like day to day
  2. Unstated job requirements
  3. Trial period
  4. Regular evaluation
  5. Expectations