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___You understand that staff training is learning directly related to the skills, knowledge, and strategies necessary to do a particular job.

___You know what is included in a training program.

  • Training for new staff who have never done this particular work before.
  • Training for new staff who are experienced in the work of the position.
  • Staff development
  • Professional development

___You understand that staff development is ongoing training for all staff.

___You understand that professional development is training to increase particular knowledge or to gain the next level of expertise in a position.

___ You understand why to run a training program for new staff.

  • It shows them that the organization is serious about what it is.
  • It makes them feel that the organization is supportive of them.
  • Have proper training boosts their confidence.
  • It enlists them as "regulars" in the organization.
  • It shortens the time it takes them to become competent at their jobs.
  • It reduces their need to ask other staff members for advice or information.
  • It diminishes the chances that they'll make mistakes that cost the organization.

___You understand why to run a training program for veteran staff.

  • It helps them to become continually more competent at what they do.
  • It introduces them to the latest research and theory.
  • It helps them to maintain interest in and enthusiasm for their work.
  • It can expose them to other practitioners with different, and perhaps better, methods.
  • It gives them one more reason to stay with the organization.
  • It keeps the organization dynamic and healthy.

___You understand that training for new staff should be conducted as soon as possible after hiring, and ideally as part of new staff orientation.

___You understand that training for veteran staff should happen on a regular basis throughout the life of the organization.

___You understand the steps for developing and running a training program:

  • Planning
  • Methods
  • Logistics
  • Evaluation