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Before making your bylaws draft:

___You have gathered examples of the bylaws of similar organizations for reference

While writing your bylaws draft:

___You have named and decided on the purpose of your organization

___The stated requirements for your organization's membership have been established

___In your draft you have stated and explained:

  • Governing Structure
  • Officers
  • Procedures
  • Committees
  • Decisions
  • Amendments

___You have decided how often meetings will be held

___You described the role of the Board of Directors if your organization has one

After completion of bylaws draft:

___You have given copies to the people involved in the approval process

___You have met as a group to discuss the proposed bylaws

Upon completion and approval of final draft:

___You've sent copies of the bylaws to anyone who needs them

___You have put the bylaws into effect through your officers

___You have made plans to review and amend the bylaws