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Section 7. Identifying Action Steps in Bringing About Community and System Change

___You know what action steps are

___You understand why you should identify action steps

___You know when you should identify action steps

___You know how to identify action steps

___Determine what your group, as a whole and individually, is really good at

___Brainstorm different, specific ways that these strengths can be used to carry out the changes that you have decided upon

___Consider the possible barriers to implementing your proposed changes

___Consider possible ways to remove these barriers

___With all of the above information in mind, brainstorm different ways to go about implementing the proposed changes in each sector that you have chosen

___Make sure each action step includes:

  • What will occur
  • How much, or to what extent, these actions will occur
  • Who will carry out these changes
  • When these changes will take place, and for how long
  • What resources (such as money and staff) are needed to carry out these changes

___Determine a final list of action steps for each community sector from the ideas that came from your brainstorming

___Pat yourself on the back for getting all your planning done, take a deep breath, and go do what you've said you are going to!