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Section 6. Obtaining Feedback from Constituents: What Changes are Important and Feasible?

___You know what it means to obtain feedback from constituents

___You decided whether to use formal or informal feedback

If using formal feedback:

___You have decided whether to use personal interviews, phone surveys, written surveys and questionnaires

___You have determined how to obtain feedback from constituents

___You know what I want to know

___You know who has already done this

___You know who I want to ask

___You decided if you want to obtain information in an open or closed manner

___You know how many people you would like to ask

___You know how you want to ask people

___You have decided how you'd like to conduct your survey: written or oral

___You have decided on the format of your questions: open or closed

___You have removed all possibility of bias from your survey

___You know you should thank respondents ahead of time, let them know how you'll use any information that you gather, and thank them again afterwards

___You understand you shouldn't ask questions you're not going to use

___Remember to enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope

___Don't be frustrated if only a small number of mailed surveys are returned