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___You have designed your intervention to:

  • Improve organizational morale
  • Make your organization more effective
  • Increase community awareness

___You understand that when deciding when to host a training session, you have taken into consideration the type of training

Before the training session

___You have already set a budget.

___You reserved a space for the training session.

___You made sure materials for the session are prepared

___You made sure everyone knows when and where the training will be

___You sent "homework" to training participants.

___You also gave the trainer himself some "homework."

During the training session

___You arrived early to set up shop.

___You are ready to greet people when they arrive.

___You understand that if appropriate, everyone should know everyone else.

___You have set the agenda.

___You have set ground rules.

___You made sure everyone has the chance to talk and ask questions

___You have stuck to the schedule, as much as possible.

After the session is over

___You have asked participants/leaders to evaluate the session

___You outlined next steps for participants

___You made sure the room was left neat and tidy

___You followed up, as appropriate

___You have celebrated!