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What do we mean by available personnel resources?

___You know that available personnel resources are people who are already doing, or could do, the job you want done, but who don't work for your organization or initiative.

Why tap into available personnel resources?

You tap into available personnel resources:

___To gain cost-effective necessary services for your organization.

___To extend your reach.

___To improve possibilities for collaboration.

___To gain new ideas and new perspectives.

___To get ideas for more comprehensive programs.

When should you tap available personnel resources?

You tap into available personnel resources:

___When money is tight.

___When you have a specific job that needs to be done, and don't have the capacity to do it within the organization as it exists.

___When you're an initiative that doesn't provide direct service, but it's clear that direct service is needed.

___When funders ask for something you can't deliver alone.

___When you actively want to initiate a collaboration or partnership with another organization.

___When you need more manpower quickly to accomplish an immediate goal.

___When existing resources become available, and fit in with the needs and mission of your organization.

Where do you find available personnel resources?

___As loaned, shared, contracted, or traded staff from other organizations.

___As paid or unpaid interns from education or training facilities.

___As volunteers from the community, business, or organizations.

___As people who work directly for your organization, but are paid by another party.

___As participants in your program.

___As temporary workers or consultants.