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Tool # 1: Community event organizer

This tool outlines 12 basic steps to follow when selecting, organizing and conducting a community event such as a fund-raiser. Custom-tailor these steps to reflect your own ideas and the special needs of your event.

Community Event Organizer

Step 1: Explore the possibilities

Step 2: Select the event

Step 3: Appoint the event chairperson

Step 4: Establish a committee system

Step 5: Form a steering committee

Step 6: Define committee tasks

Step 7: Itemize the budget

Step 8: Develop a timetable

Step 9: Recruit volunteers

Step 10: Do it!

Step 11: Clean up and give thanks

Step 12: Conduct an evaluation

Tool # 2: Fund-raiser planning sheet

This sheet will help you plan your fund-raiser because it will guide you through the main steps of organizing one. Use this sheet as a basic tool to set your goals, decide which type of fund-raiser fits your needs best, and who can help with it.

Fund-Raiser Planning Sheet


Set financial goal? how much money do you want to raise?

Set other goals for your group:

Choose the best fund-raiser for your community:

Set the date for your event:

Outline all the tasks you need to do:

Who will be responsible for each job?

Brainstorm potential donors and supporters: