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___Financial sustainability is an essential goal of your organization.

___You have decided that you will pursue financial sustainability.

___You have decided who will make the decisions.

___Your mission, vision, and objectives where in mind as you began this work.

___You have brainstormed possible strategies for your organization.

___Key people such as current staff, funders, volunteers, and clients have given input.

___You have decided which strategies are best for your organization:

  • Marketing your organization
  • Sharing positions and resources with other organizations
  • Becoming a line item in an existing budget
  • Incorporating activities or services in organizations with a similar mission
  • Applying for grants
  • Tapping into personnel resources
  • Soliciting in-kind support
  • Developing and implementing fundraisers
  • Pursuing third-party funding
  • Developing a fee-for-service structure
  • Acquiring public funding
  • Securing endowments and planned giving arrangements
  • Establishing membership fees and dues
  • Making a business plan