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Section 5. Promoting Awareness and Interest Through Communication

What is effective social marketing communication?

___Your communication is two-way: your audience understands your message as you meant it.

___Your communication is accessible.

___Your communication is noticeable.

What are tools for reaching the target audience?

___You carefully choose and mix the channels for your message.

___You carefully consider visual and/or sound elements and the overall design of your message.

___You choose appropriate spokespersons.

___You link your message to themes and values familiar to the target audience.

How do you approach common barriers to effective social marketing communication ?

___You recognize and know how to address each of the common barriers to effective social marketing communication:


___Selective inattention

___Selective inexposure


How do you develop effective messages?

___You set up outcome-linked, measurable objectives for your communication strategy.

___You develop messages that emerge from the target audience, recognizing message competition.

___You select appropriate channels.

___You develop different communications for different segments.

___You pretest every message.

___You integrate your communications program internally.

___You integrate your communications program with everything else in the marketing mix.

___You evaluate outcomes by your original criteria.

___You repeat the process.