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___You have conducted, and will continue to conduct, market research to find out what factors are likely to get in the way of the target population's making and maintaining the desired changes, whose opinions they value, and what kinds of support they need in order to accomplish and maintain the desired behavior changes.

Providing support for action:

___You address the issues that make action impossible by providing transportation or changing location to deal with geography; reducing or subsidizing costs; making the unavailable available; or changing circumstances.

___You address actions that are too complex by simplifying them to the extent possible .

___You address actions that are too hard by providing support to people to help them through difficult behavior change.

___You minimize the importance of the time element by more efficient and more creative and flexible planning and scheduling.

___You increase the target population's perception of the urgency of the desired behavior change.

___You institutionalize reminders, so that people are less likely to forget to take action.

Providing support for maintaining change:

___You use market research to monitor the target population's satisfaction with the changes they've made.

___You try to anticipate and plan for any possible negative consequences of change .

___You are totally honest with the target population about possible negative consequences of change, and about what can be done about them.

___You address unsatisfactory consequences by helping to adjust unrealistic expectations ; making hard-to-detect outcomes visible or adjusting change to improve outcomes; making deferred outcomes easier to live with by establishing benchmarks and breaking them down into a series of reachable goals; and using your marketing message to discuss the consequences of lack of the presence of those events or circumstances the changes are meant to prevent.

___You address excessive negative consequences by trying to prepare people for them beforehand, by helping them acquire tools - skills, education, training, information - to deal with them, and by formulating alternatives to them.

___You deal with negative feedback from important people by marketing change to those people as well.

___You address behavior control that is less than expected by creating systems that provide support and help people develop their internal resources.