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Section 4. Segmenting the Market to Reach the Targeted Population

Example 1: From Stilettoes to Moccasins

This music video was developed to give a voice to Aboriginal women healing from drug abuse, addiction, and problems with the law. Its form and content allow it to specifically reach out to young, Native women.

The video is part of a community-based research project conducted by the University of Saskatchewan (U of S), National Native Addictions Partnership Foundation (NNAPF), and the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse (CCSA). Please see the project website for more information.

Example 2: Snap and Click, Colorado DOT encourages High Schoolers to Buckle Up

This video shows how the Colorado State Department of Transportation utilized the popularity of Snapchat with high schoolers, its target audience, to communicate the message of seatbelt safety state-wide. The campaign was successful because it considered and adapted to how its target audience communicates. The choice to use Snapchat allowed students to interact with, and customize the message on an app they regularly use. Because CO DOT made the message accessible to the target audience, it was easy for high schoolers to share the message with their peers, which furthered the success of the campaign.