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I would like to develop a communications strategy? can the community toolbox help?

Hello! Thank you for submitting your question. 
A communications strategy is certainly an important piece of any community work! If you're looking for a resource to help you do some self-guided work on a communications strategy, check out Chapters 6-7 and Toolkits 1 and 8 in the Community Tool Box regarding "Communications to Promote Interest and Participation" ( You might also look at the chapters on Developing a Strategic Plan and the related toolkits because a communication strategy is often a key piece of this type of plan. There are also some resources on social marketing (chapters 45 and 46, toolkits 13 and 16) that you may find helpful. 
If you're looking for actual technical assistance in developing a communications strategy, you might contact other organizations across the country that have had success in the same area. Or feel free to contact the Center for Community Health and Development to find out about their capacity building training and consultation ( 
Best wishes in your efforts!

Question Date: Tue, 10/03/2017