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We are in the process of transiting from a local volunteer agency, to a state wide project to address homelessness in Georgia.

Any advice on using CT for a large number of volunteers? i.e. best to train in classroom setting or self taught on line.

Jim McIntosh, Georgia Homeless Coalition

Dear James
your question includes two aspects, I suppose. The first one (and the main one) is related to the transformation of a volunteer organization in a state wide project. For this purpose, you may see CHAPTER 9. DEVELOPING AN ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE FOR THE INITIATIVE on the webpage; SECTION 3. DEVELOPING MULTISECTOR TASK FORCES OR ACTION COMMITTEES FOR THE INITIATIVE (see also our tools, as Checklist and PowerPoint), and CHAPTER 11, SECTION 3. DEVELOPING VOLUNTEER ORIENTATION PROGRAMS
About the training: you may use the online support for the preliminary information and for monitoring, but for a more professional training classroom setting and face-to-face relationships are surely preferable.
The second aspect may be related to the specific issue – homelessness – and, in this regard, Community Tool Box has a lot of suggestions: CHAPTER 6, SECTION 15. CREATING FACT SHEETS ON LOCAL ISSUES – EXAMPLES 5 ( National Coalition for the Homeless); CHAPTER 26, SECTION 3. PROVIDING AFFORDABLE HOUSING FOR ALL – EXAMPLES; and, finally, within Community Stories ( you can see as an example WORKING TO REDUCE THE RECIDIVISM OF HOMELESSNESS IN MICHIGAN
Many wishes for your changing organization!

Question Date: Mon, 01/27/2020