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Assuring Technical Assistance


1. Assess the stage of development and readiness of the effort to use technical assistance.

__ The group has identified specific areas or processes that could be enhanced through technical assistance and support.

__ The group, including staff and board members, values external assistance and support.

__ The group has assessed the internal capacity of the staff, board members, and partners to provide technical assistance and support based on their areas of knowledge and expertise.

__ The group has identified organizational processes that are more appropriate to be facilitated through external rather than internal sources of technical assistance or support.

__ The effort is currently engaged in a form of technical assistance.

2. Identify appropriate technical assistance and support providers for the initiative.

__ The group, including staff and board members, has decided on the form or method of technical assistance that is most appropriate for the initiative at its current stage of development.

__ The group has decided upon either a formal technical assistance provider, or a knowledgeable staff or partner to provide or assure needed trainings, information, and technical support for the effort.

__ The group considered the appropriateness or fit of potential technical assistance providers based on the context, history, experience, and interest of the organization and community.

__ The group has a plan that includes a timetable, activities, and resulting product (if applicable) for each form of technical assistance to be provided.

__ The group has secured and allocated sufficient resources necessary to support the technical assistance.

3. Establish regular feedback mechanisms and use the feedback to improve technical assistance efforts.

__ The technical support provider(s) give regular feedback and appropriate support to the group.

__ The group provides the technical assistance provider with regular feedback to make necessary adjustments and adaptations.