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Developing a Framework or Model of Change


1. Convene key stakeholders to develop a logic model for the effort.

__ Involve key stakeholders including representatives of the community who are affected by the problem or goal in developing framework or logic model components.

2. Identify the intended uses for the logic model.

__ The group has identified both internal and external audiences and uses for the logic model.

__ The group has identified the appropriate scope or level(s) of the logic model.

__ The group has developed a logic model or framework, a visual picture for how it will get from here (present conditions) to there (intended outcomes), at the appropriate level(s) consistent with its intended purpose or use.

3. Outline the key components of the logic model.

__ The logic model includes the vision and/or mission statement established by the group.

__ The framework includes a brief description of the context and conditions of the community or effort related to the problem and goal.

__ The framework includes a description of key inputs accessible by the group.

__ The logic model includes a description of activities or components of the project or intervention.

__ The logic model includes a description of intended outputs of the activities or intervention components.

__ The logic model includes outcomes or intended effects related to the objectives of the intervention or initiative.

4. Draw a picture of the logic mode or framework that visually displays relationships between activities, outputs, and intended outcomes.

__ The logic model conveys the purpose and direction of the organization or effort.

__ The logic model shows relationships and an expected time sequence of the components and elements of the logic model.

__ The logic model shows connections between activities and effects over time.

5. Use the logic model to guide the work, making adaptations as appropriate.

__ The group uses the logic model to communicate and convey the approach of the organization or effort for addressing the problem/goal.

__ The group regularly reviews and updates the logic model(s) of the initiative or program.