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To document a complaint:

___Determine whom you're filing the complaint with, and document accordingly

___Develop a plan for documentation

___Research all necessary background information

___Obtain the basic facts

___Describe in writing exactly what the complaint is about

___Describe in writing, as clearly as possible, exactly what happened for as many incidents as possible

___Record conversations, in exact words where possible

___Document the consequences of each incident or policy and/or of the overall series of incidents or policies you're complaining about

___Provide as much actual proof of the substance and details of your complaint as possible

___Present your complaint, with its documentation

Other considerations:

___Your documentation establishes you as a credible witness

___You established your concern by paying attention to and recording the details of the situation

___You have determined whether or not your complaint is taken seriously

___You have used the proper documentation so that it might make a difference as to whether or not the complaint can be acted on by a regulator or court

___You know how you want the complaint acted on and have the proper documentation to support that action

___Your documentation will protect you against libel or slander charges if you make public accusations

___You established the moral advantage through the use of your proof

___You encouraged anyone who has a complaint to document it, and did so yourself

___You asked experts in the field to document the situation

___You asked people directly affected by the actions or policies at which the complaint is directed o document the situation

___You asked people on the inside of the entity at which the complaint is directed to document the situation

___You asked community leaders or other respected individuals to document the situation