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___You know what makes up a study circle, and the purpose of a study circle

___You know that study circles can have the biggest impact when they are held as part of a large-scale program

___You know why people find study circles valuable:

  • Talk about their own experiences
  • Talk about difficult issues in a controlled, respectful environment
  • The chance to be part of a larger effort
  • Empowers community residents

___You have solicited volunteers to help you with your efforts

___You have clarified that all backgrounds will be respected in your study circle

___You have put together your "core team"

___You have held a pilot study circle

___You have made a list of groups/organizations in your area and attempted to involve them

___A second pilot study circle has been held, including members from different organizations

___A study circle working group has been formed and you have:

  • Planned the kickoff
  • Recruited and trained facilitators
  • Arranged for places to meet, and taken care of other details
  • Recruited people to joint the study circles
  • Planned the action forum

___The kickoff meeting has been held

___You have supported the study circles through encouraging facilitator collaboration, and collecting records

___You have held the action forum to celebrate what you have accomplished and decide what you want to accomplish

___You have kept the momentum going

___You have paused to reflect, and started planning for your next round

___You know the recorder's role in a study group

___You know the facilitator's role in a study group