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Example: Investigation worksheet

In order to: We need: Where to look? When?
Disprove the city engineer's accusations on over-budgeted construction
  • Written proof of the transactions (receipts, bills)
  • Witnesses
  • City archives
  • Construction company's records
By the end of the fiscal year
Prove that the bank is withholding information on whom it lent money to
  • Documented proof of loans
  • Governmental archives
End of the month
Show that the mayoral candidate has been sued for not paying taxes on land
  • Copy of the law suit
  • Witnesses
  • The person who sued the candidate
  • Court records
  • Phone directory
By next week
Prove that the state representative is using public funds for private use
  • Find records of his sources of income
  • Receipts of the representative's purchases
  • Goverment files
  • Find corporate registrations
Before elections