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Before you begin lobbying:

___You have chosen an issue that is compelling

___The issue is sympathetic to the audience

___The issue is winnable

___You have followed the issue closely

___If you have a larger group, you have created a public policy team to track relevant issues

___You have a strong base of support

___You know who the decision-makers are for your issue

___You are aware of the current status of any relevant legislation

___You know how to contact decision-makers and/or aides

While you are lobbying:

___You stated your name and if appropriate your address and phone number

___You have stated the group or organization (if any) you represent

___Your reason for contact is clear

___You know the name, number, and current status of the bill if it is pending legislation

___You stated the specific action you want taken

___The reason for taking this action is clear

___The reason why the action you recommend will advance the decision-maker's interest is stated

___You have kept the type of contact short and to the point

___You were polite throughout the contact

___You have showed appreciation to the person(s) the contact is directed at

___You have thanked the person(s)