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Tool #1:

Here's a general-purpose outline for communicating with a decision-maker which you can use to think about and shape your own persuasive message:
My name is ________________.
I represent/(I am a member of) _______________, which is involved in _______________.
I'm contacting you because we are concerned about _______________.
This matter is contained in Bill # _____, which is also called _______________, and which is now located in _______________.
We hope that you will [recommended action].
Because [give your reasons].
And also because [state the benefits].
We appreciate your attention to this matter, and look forward to _______________.
Thank you for your consideration.
Guides like this can be helpful. But of course you want to do more than fill in the blanks. It's best to avoid formula. Decision-makers are human beings, and they respond well to human touches, within the suggestions given above.