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___You understand what a public hearing is.

Before the Public Hearing

___You have used your political connections, persuasion, and/or arrival time to get your name early in the agenda.

___You know what you want to accomplish with the public hearing.

___You have found and prepared people to testify.

___You have booked a location and set a time & date for the event, if you have control over it.

___You have made arrangements to ensure accessibility at the location.

___You have chosen a facilitator.

___You have publicized the event well.

___You have ensured that you will have a supportive audience present.

At the Public Hearing

___You prepared a brief introduction.

___You allowed each side to offer testimony.

___You took thorough notes.

After the Public Hearing

___You have offered your support to those testifying.

___You know how to deal with the news media.

___You have discussed the outcome with your staff.