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Section 5. Constituent Survey of Outcomes: Ratings of Importance

Example: Sample Memorandum of Results

The following is a sample of results from a constituent survey of outcomes. It is in reference to a substance use initiative.

Memorandum of Results

Date: _________________________

To: (Leadership and Board of Directors of the Initiative)

CC: Program Officer, Funding source

From: Evaluation Team

RE: Results of the Outcome Survey for ____________________________

Enclosed please find the results of the Outcome Survey for _____________________. The purpose of the survey was to assess the significance of community changes resulting from the initiative's efforts according to its constituents. We had a reasonable response rate (13%), with 103 completed questionnaires from the 800 coalition members and policy makers to whom the survey was mailed. The attached report include the average rating and the range of responses for each question listed in order of occurrence on the survey. we conclude with written comments related to (the initiative's) accomplishments, a critical review of community changes, and recommendations for improvement.

In general, respondents rated the community changes facilitated by ________________ as "important," an average rating of 3.79 (with 5 the highest). Further, no community change received a rating below 3 (neither unimportant nor important). Taken together, the contribution of the reported community changes to the mission was rated as 4.21 (between important and very important).

The three top rated community changes involved changes in resource allocations or policy: City Council approves the addition of 32 additional police officers for the city, (Mean + 4.39, Range + 1-5), the new, "drive-by" shooting ordinance, approved by the City Council, increases the penalty to a maximum of one year (Mean + 4.38, range + 1-5), and based upon the effort of _______________________, the Governor signed the "drive-by" shooting bill to make shooting a firearm at a home a felony and revisions to the state "drive-by" shooting law (Mean + 4.37, Range + 1-5).

Among the lowest ranked community changes involved small, short-term, or symbolic efforts: _______________________ helped in the development of a job description for the new executive director position at SRS Family and Youth Commission (Mean = 3.06, Range = 1-5), mini-grant awarded to the Holy Savior School to give kids the opportunity to create a project to present at a fair in the Spring of 1992 (Mean + 3.12, Range + 1-5), __________________________ agrees to cosponsor the Great American Smoke-out (mean + 3.21, Range + 1-5), and commitment from the mayor to use drug-free life style sticker slogan on all city vehicles (Mean + 3.21, range + 1-5).

Most of the respondents also provided written comments. The comments are attached and are grouped according to accomplishments, a critical review of community changes, and recommendations for improvement.

You should be proud of these accomplishments. your constituents have noted the significant contributions of these many changes to _______________________'s mission of reducing substance use among adolescents. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us.