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What is community-based participatory research?

___You define community-based participatory research as research conducted by and for those most directly affected by the issue, condition, situation, or intervention being studied or evaluated

Why would you use community-based participatory research?

___It yields better and more nearly complete and accurate information from the community

___Involving the community in research makes a positive outcome that meets community needs more likely

­­___Action research trains citizen researchers who can turn their skills to other problems as well

___Involvement in CBPR changes people’s perceptions of themselves and of what they can do

___Skills learned in the course of action research carry over into other areas of researchers’ lives

___A participatory action research process can help to break down racial, ethnic, and class barriers

___Action research helps people better understand the forces that influence their lives

___Community-based participatory research can move communities toward positive social change

Who should be involved in community-based participatory research?

___People most affected by the issue or intervention under study

___Other members of the affected population


___Academics with an interest in the issue or intervention in question

___Health, human service, and public agency staff and volunteers

___Community members at large

When should you employ community-based participatory research?

___There’s time to properly train and acclimate community researchers

___The research and analysis necessary relies on interviews, experience, knowledge of the community, and an understanding of the issue or intervention from the inside, rather than on academic skills or an understanding of statistics (unless you have the time and resources to teach those skills or the team includes someone who has them)

___You need an entry to the community or group from whom the information is being gathered

___You’re concerned with buy-in and support from the community

___You want to have an effect on and empower the community researchers

___You want to set the stage for long-term social change

How do you institute and carry out community-based participatory research?

___You recruit a community research team

___You orient and train the research team

___The team determines the questions the research or evaluation will try to answer

___The team plans and structures the research activity

___As a team, you carry out your plan

___The team prepares and presents a report and recommendations on its work

___You take, or try to bring about, appropriate action

___You evaluate the process

___You provide an opportunity for team members to reflect on and discuss their learning and the effects of the experience of being involved in a CBPR process

___You maintain gains by keeping team members involved