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Section 1. Developing a Plan for Financial Sustainability

What is a plan for financial sustainability?

___A plan for financial sustainability is a tool used to help the organization or initiative and its goals thrive over the long term

What are the advantages of a plan for financial sustainability?

___Financial security

___An increased focus on your real work

___Becoming more competitive in your field

___Easier transitions

___Following guidelines

How should you plan for financial sustainability?

___Develop your plan early and revise it often

___Decide who will develop the plan

___Let everyone know what you are doing

___Conduct an internal audit

___Determine how much money you need

___Decide how much money you want

___Compare how much money you have, need, and want

___Set objectives

___Consider the available possibilities

___Decide which funding possibilities you will follow up on

___Strategize how to get what you want

___Develop a timeline

___Develop a draft of your plan

___Incorporate feedback on your plan

___Implement your plan

___Continuously monitor and evaluate your progress