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Section 4. Supporting Local Ordinances to Modify Access to Unhealthy Products and Practices

Example #1: H.E.A.T. Report: Place and Health - Wyandotte County, Kansas

Video: Place & Health - Geopgrahy and the Social Determinants of Health (Liquorlining and the lack of healthy choices).


Example #2: Another Soda Tax Success Story: Sugary Beverage Consumption Drops in San Francisco

Image of soda cans.

San Francisco’s sugar sweetened beverage (SSB) tax is working as intended, according to a new study published in PLOS Global Public Health by the Public Health Institute’s Prevention Policy Group. Consumption of SSBs declined markedly (34%) in San Francisco in the first two years after implementation of a soda tax on January 1st, 2018, in the areas studied.

SSB taxes have been gaining momentum worldwide as policies to address the negative health effects of sugary drinks by creating financial incentives to help consumers make healthier choices, promote healthier reformulation by industry, and raise revenue for building healthy communities.

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