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Section 2. Creating and Facilitating Peer Support Groups

___You know what a peer support group is

___You know why to create a peer support group

___You know who your peer support group can serve

You've followed the steps to creating a peer support group:

___Decided on your purpose

___Researched other groups your group could be involved with

___Decided on a length of time for your group to meet

___Decided whether the group will be open or closed

___Set a time and place for your group to meet

___Selected a group leader or facilitator

___Decided on the remaining details

___Recruited members using

  • Referrals
  • The media
  • Personal invitations/word-of-mouth

In facilitating a peer support group, you have:

___Prepared yourself

___Prepared the room

___Started the meeting on time and in a friendly manner

___Given preliminary introductions/information

___Encouraged members to listen to each other

___Encouraged members to give support to one another

___Encouraged members to talk about themselves

___Offered support

___Helped members solve problems by:

  • Clarifying the problem
  • Talking about alternatives
  • Choosing which option to take
  • Offering help

___Closed the meeting by:

  • Making a summary statement
  • Asking for comments/questions
  • Reminding members of next meeting
  • Requesting volunteers, if necessary
  • Giving a final greeting
  • Making final notes

___You have looked over the tips on keeping your support group going

___You know when to use assertive caring

___You know the four steps to assertive caring:

  • Showing that you understand the member's dilemma
  • Setting limits
  • Suggesting alternatives
  • Getting the member's agreement on the alternative