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What do we mean by environmental quality?

___Environmental quality is a measure of the health of the environment itself (including the plants and animals it supports), and of the effects it has on the health, comfort, and psychological state of the people that inhabit it

Why protect environmental quality?

___To preserve the health of the community and its members

___To preserve community resources

___To create a more pleasant and better quality of life

___To enhance the aesthetic character of the community

___To attract new, environmentally-friendly business and sustain economic health

___To attract visitors and new residents

___To preserve community history

___To protect the community from environmental disaster

___To prevent people from taking actions they’ll later regret

___To protect endangered species

___To maintain ecosystems

___To be good stewards of the planet

When should you act to protect environmental quality?

___When it’s specifically threatened

___When there’s a community development initiative

___When there’s a new commercial, industrial, or housing development beginning

___When there’s an environmental crisis

___When there’s a publication or media event that calls attention to the environment

___When money is available

Who should be involved in protecting environmental quality?

___Local, state, and federal officials

___Local and national and international environmental organizations

___Community activists

___Those directly affected by environmental quality

___Businesses and corporations

___Anyone who is conscious of the effects of environmental quality – or the lack of it – on their lives

How do you protect environmental quality?

___Make yourself aware of what elements of the environment you should be paying attention to:

  • Air
  • Water
  • Land
  • Plants
  • Animals 
  • Natural resources
  • The built environment
  • Recreation
  • Aesthetics

___Decide on the issues you can most effectively tackle

___Learn what you need to know about the scientific, social, economic, legal, and political realities of the situation

___Recruit allies

___Create, with as broad a range of allies as possible, a strategic plan, and prioritize both the actions you want to take and those you feel you must take

___Implement your plan

___Evaluate your efforts

___Maintain your gains, and do it again