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Tool: Tips for Promoting Neighborhood Action

  • Give everyone a chance to get involved and contribute, in a way that best matches up with their talents, interests, and availability.
  • Aim for small victories. Don't shoot for the moon, at least not the first time around. Other things equal, it's better to have a small success than a larger failure, because your group is more likely to stick together if it succeeds.
  • Don't be afraid to ask for help, especially from people in public office. Public officials represent you; they are accountable to you; and active neighbors are probable voters, a constituency few would want to antagonize.
  • Be concrete. When decisions are made, make them specific -- and make sure everyone knows what they are.
  • Whatever you decide to do, follow through on it. Keep your commitments, to maintain our credibility with both your supporters and your opponents.
  • Keep the lines of communication open, so that everyone knows what's been happening, where matters stand now, what's coming up, and where to go with information or ideas.
  • Finally, learn from experience, and from your mistakes, so that you will do better the next time around