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___You understand that recruiting is the process by which you find people to join or participate in your organization

___You understand that you need to recruit to ensure that your supply of mentors meets the demand

___You have thought about what qualities are important in a mentor

___You know what mentors will be doing

___You know how long you want mentors to commit

___You know what qualities and qualifications would be ideal in a mentor

___You understand different ways to advertise your program:

  • Informational meeting
  • Posting flyers
  • Inform parents of your program
  • Invite your friends (and their friends) to become mentors
  • Ask community, business, and manufacturing leaders to suggest individuals who would make good mentors
  • Place advertisements in local and school papers

___You are aware of the different screening processes available in the application process:

  • Application
  • Skills inventory
  • Personal history
  • Short answer questions
  • Grade point average
  • Background check
  • References
  • Interview
  • Home visit

___You understand how to effectively conduct an interview