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___You understand what internal communication is

___You understand the advantages of using internal communication and have promoted it

Organizational climate and culture:

___You have practiced what you preach

___You trust everyone similarly

___You made sure information flows in all directions

Clear definitions of what needs to be communicated and by whom:

___You have communicated issues affecting anyone's work conditions or status to the individual or individuals

___You have made sure problems between staff members are addressed immediately

___You have made sure pertinent and important information is communicated to everyone involved


___You have used systems to promote internal communication

  • Hiring
  • Staff Training
  • Supervision
  • Regular Meetings
  • Procedures and clear lines of communication for dealing with out-of-the-ordinary situations
  • Accessibility of everyone in the organization
  • Occasional or institutionalized opportunities to socialize, either at work or elsewhere

Monitoring and improving internal communication:

___You have checked staff satisfaction with the information they receive

___You have gathered feedback from staff meetings

___You've made internal communication a topic at organization meetings

___You have tested information flow though the organization