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You used the three basic principles of facilitation:

___You have brought out the opinions and ideas of group members

___You have focused on how people participate in the process, not just on what gets achieved

___You never take sides

You encouraged participation:

___You have made sure everyone feels comfortable speaking

___A structure that allows all ideas to be heard has been developed

___Members feel good about their contributions

___The ideas and decisions of the group are nominated, not leader dominated

___You have not criticized anyone for what they've said

You have decided what skills and conditions are necessary for successful facilitation:

___Improved planning

___Sustained member involvement

___Aid in creating leadership opportunities

___Increasing the skills of group members

___Better communication

___Conflict resolution

As a facilitator, you:

___Understand the goals of the meeting and the organization

___Keep the group and the agenda moving forward

___Involve everyone in the meeting

___Make sure decisions are made democratically

In planning a good process, have you considered:

___Climate and environment

___Logistics and room arrangements

You have an understanding of the three basic parts of facilitation:


___Skills and tips for guiding the process

___Dealing with disrupters: preventions and interventions