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What do we mean by setbacks and adversity?

___A setback is a single event or specific series of events that impedes your forward progress as an organization

___Adversity, rather than a distinct occurrence, is more likely to be an ongoing unfavorable condition

___Setbacks and adversity each make different demands on a leader

Why is it important to focus on overcoming setbacks and adversity?

___To keep the organization moving forward

___To avoid discouragement and despair

___To keep staff/volunteer morale high

___To maintain standing in the community

___To add to your and the organization’s store of knowledge

___To enhance your development as a person and as a leader

___To maintain the organization’s faith in its leadership

___To keep the focus on your mission, and continue to serve or work for those at whom the effort is aimed

When should you work to overcome setbacks and adversity?

___In the case of a setback, action should usually be immediate, and geared specifically to reversing the situation, whatever it is

___In adversity, you have to move forward steadily, both to get the organization through difficulties and in order to overcome them

How do you, as a leader, overcome setbacks and adversity?

___Stay calm


___Take action

___Determine what went wrong, and use your analysis to fix the problem, if it’s within your control, or to get around or cope with it, if it’s not

___Develop a strategic plan for coping with the situation

___Involve everyone in the organization in planning your coping strategy

___Ask for help from outside the organization if you need it . . . and sometimes even if you don’t

___Emphasize moving the organization forward

___Accentuate the positive

___As a leader, share the hardships of the situation with the rest of the organization

___Use the situation to build solidarity within the organization

___Make sure everyone in the organization, including you, gets the emotional and other support he needs

___Don’t be too serious

___Point out the learning that came out of the situation

___Always keep the big picture in mind

___Don’t let up