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What kinds of goal attainment should you recognize?

___Organizational time milestones

___Organizational accomplishments, such as reaching service goals, reaching membership goals, reaching fundraising goals, the receipt of a particular grant or other funds, and organizational awards or other recognitions

___Important events

___Achievements by staff members or other significant people in the organization, such as significant anniversaries (ten years as director; five years as a volunteer); receipt of a higher education or graduate degree; offices in or awards from a professional organization; or promotion within the organization

Why recognize goal attainment?

___Public recognition of goal attainment can provide your organization with good public relations

___Public or private observance of goal attainment can provide staff members and volunteers with motivation

___Celebration of goal attainment contributes to and sustains the organization's culture, history, and myth

Whom should you include in the recognition of goal attainment?

___If you're recognizing goal attainment only within the organization, you include some or all of the following:

  • The staff members directly responsible for reaching the goal
  • All staff
  • Volunteers
  • Participants or beneficiaries of service
  • Board members
  • Members, if you're a membership organization
  • Supportive officials and community members

___If you're recognizing goal attainment publicly, you include, in addition to those above, some or all of the following:

  • Community officials
  • Specific community leaders, depending upon the event
  • Other community members who contributed to the effort
  • The general public
  • The media

When is the best time to recognize goal attainment?

___As close to the actual goal attainment as possible.

How do you recognize goal attainment?

___Decide on your purpose in recognizing the attainment of this goal

___Decide whether you want a public or private recognition, or both.

___Decide what kind of recognition you have the resources for.

___Decide on the tone you want to set

___Decide on a specific way to recognize goal attainment, such as:

  • A party or meal for staff, volunteers, and/or others connected to the organization
  • Another type of in-house recognition
  • An occasion designed to convey information and/or bring you publicity
  • A press release
  • A press conference
  • A reception
  • A public ceremony
  • A rally
  • A public celebration