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What is asset development?

___You work to build the 40 developmental assets that will support and enhance the healthy development of children and adolescents in your community.

___You seek to develop assets that will help youth guard against high-risk behaviors and patterns.

___You seek to enhance the assets that encourage thriving indicators in youth:

What are the characteristics of an asset development program?

___You seek commitment from the whole community.

___You create an inclusive, participatory effort.

___You base your effort on what’s needed in the community.

___You focus on the positive.

___You seek a comprehensive, community-wide effort.

What are the developmental assets kids need?

___You are familiar with the 40 developmental assets listed in the section.

Why (and why not) should you use an asset development approach?

___You are familiar with the advantages of an asset-building approach:

  • A strong base in both empirical research and theory.
  • Community ownership and diverse, broad-ranging input stemming from a participatory process.
  • An accent on positive asset development, making youth issues seem more resolvable.
  • The ability of each community to design its own asset-building solutions.
  • The ability to analyze data in numerous ways and by different populations.
  • An emphasis on long-term social change.
  • The capacity to address a broad range of issues.
  • The possibility of increasing community cohesiveness.
  • The emphasis on what’s best for youth leading to what’s best for the community.

___You know the potential disadvantages to the asset development approach:

  • A data base that’s 80% white and all youth for the Search Institute’s 40 assets.
  • No real guidance as to how to develop assets.
  • Community dependence on the Search Institute or CADY to analyze the surveys.
  • Statistical limitations that may make accurate analysis difficult for small communities or schools.
  • The lack of any guarantee that asset development will address current problems.
  • The question of how necessary assets actually are for eventual success for most youth.

How do you use asset development?

___You find someone to take the initiative (or do it yourself).

___You form an inclusive, participatory group to introduce the asset development concept and the idea of the survey of developmental assets to the community.

___You work out the logistics of administering the survey.

___You implement the survey.

___You analyze the survey results.

___You communicate the survey results and analysis to the community.

___You plan your next steps.

___You develop an initial action plan.

___You implement your action plan.

___You monitor, evaluate, and adjust your plan.

___You continue to develop, implement, monitor, and adjust action plans, and to maintain the gains you’ve made.