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If you are considering face-to-face contact, is it because:

___You want to reach a small number of people

___You have the available time

___The people you're recruiting are especially important

If you are considering phone contact, is it because:

___The prospective members are unavailable for meeting but are available by phone

___You already know the people

___The request is relatively simple

If you are considering a letter, is it because:

___You have a large number of people to recruit

___You're the only person available

___Your time is limited

___It's less important who you recruit

___You have an excellent mailing list

Writing your letter:

___Use design and content to get the reader's attention

___Personalize the letter

___State reason for writing at the beginning of the letter

___Give a good reason for becoming a member

___Request is clear, specific, limited, immediate, and doable

___Tell the person how to fulfill the request

___Thank the person

___Carefully proofread the letter