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___You know that communication:

  • Is not one-sided
  • Involves more than words
  • Has different styles and assumptions for different groups
  • Problems in communication

___You have identified common communication problems

  • Your message doesn?t reach your target population
  • People don?t understand the message
  • People disagree with the message
  • Your organization is disliked
  • The message has been garbled or misrepresented by the media
  • An unfortunate error has been made

___You have discovered what the problem your organization is facing is

___You have been honest in all situations

___You have talked with members of any group that is angry or opposes you

___You were as flexible as possible without betraying what you believe in or what you are working for

___Everyone around you has been treated with respect

___You have taken responsibility and apologized for anything that was your fault

Crises in communication

___You have decided that your organization is going through a crisis and is hanging in the balance

___You have determined the seriousness of the situation

___You have developed position statements, answers to potential questions, and fact sheets that set forth you organizations position

___Everyone who has a major stake in your organization has been notified

___One person has been appointed to deal with the media

___The crisis management process has been watched over

___All interested parties were brought up to date after the crisis was resolved

___You have thanked everyone who helped handle the situation