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___You understand that paid advertising represents the purchase of "air time" on a radio or television channel, or page space in a newspaper or magazine.

___You understand that advertising time is offered in standard blocks on all commercial television and radio stations, and that most radio and television stations offer production services.

___You understand that most newspapers and magazines measure ads in inches, and that print ad sizes are referred to in terms of the page layout.

___You are familiar with some of the less traditional media used for advertising.

___You understand the ways in which you can get free or cheap advertising.

___You understand the reasons for using paid advertising

___You have considered what you want to accomplish with your ad.

___You have considered whether you can afford to do enough advertising to accomplish what you want.

___You have considered whether you can use your advertising to react and respond to attacks.

___You have considered whether you can use your ad to respond to current events.

___You have considered whether you can use advertising to present dull, boring facts in a more interesting way.

___You have considered whether you can use your advertising to publicly thank your supporters.

___You have decided whether to work with an agency.

___You have decided on your target audience.

___You have decided what medium you should use.

___You have come up with a budget.

___You have produced your ad (or had it produced by someone else).

___You have met the deadlines to get your ad placed when you want it to.

___You have followed up by tracking your ad's appearance and trying to gauge how effective it's been.

Chris Hampton